IELTS Writing Task 1 (Academic) - Model Answer

The table below shows the cost of water in five Australian cities in 2004.

IELTS Writing - Academic - Cost of Water - Table

The chart compares how much Australian citizens were paying for their water in five different locations in 2004. Overall, it is evident that there was a vast difference in unit rates and that both the charge up to and over 125kl are factors in the overall amount paid per household.

The city which ranked the cheapest in terms of overall bill was Melbourne. Interestingly, it was roughly $60 cheaper than the next cheapest; however, its unit charge was not the lowest for up to 125kl. Adelaide and Perth provided water at the most economical rate of $0.42, but when more than 125kl were used, this figure more than doubled in the former city and more than trebled in the latter city. Although Melbourne had a much higher charge for up to 125 kl at $0.78, this amount remained the same for water used above 125 kl.

Despite Perth having the lowest cost for initial usage, it was the costliest place to live in terms of water due to its high cost in the higher usage category – making it cost around $80 more than the cheapest place to live.


a vast difference - a big difference

economical - giving good value or return in relation to the money, time, or effort expended

initial - existing or occurring at the beginning

Note how 'despite' has been used. This is the same as writing: Although Perth had the lowest cost for initial usage... but it is more complex. When we use 'despite' we follow it with a verb and use the -ing form of the verb e.g. Despite Perth having... Despite Perth being...