IELTS Writing Task 1 (Academic) - Model Answer

Task 1 IELTS Writing Pie Chart

The statistical information under consideration relates to a questionnaire which sought the opinions of users of a recently-opened shopping mall in New Zealand.

This modern commercial centre was not universally loved, according to the data. Slightly in excess of a quarter of respondents - both male and female - indicated genuine enthusiasm for the restaurants. Although the corresponding figure for shops was not dissimilar, women were approximately twice as likely as men to consider them excellent. Just over one in six of those questioned thought the location’s design was outstanding.

Those questioned broadly agreed that the stores, places to eat and general lay-out of the area were adequate. Roughly forty percent of those polled expressed some satisfaction with the centre, though there were significant variations. With regard to food outlets, fifty-five percent of men were relatively impressed whereas just a third of women expressed a similar view. Over six out of every ten shoppers had something relatively positive to say about the way the centre was organised.

Levels of dissatisfaction ranged from five percent of males who were critical of the restaurants, to a fifth of women who shared this opinion. Perhaps surprisingly, between a tenth and a fifth of those approached were unwilling to say what they thought.

Overall, it might encourage the venue’s owners to see that in all categories, more than half of those asked were reasonably or extremely positive. At the same time, the fact that a sizable percentage of individuals did not have anything good to say may be cause for concern.


the corresponding figure = the equivalent/corresponding figure

not dissimilar = not that different

broadly agreed = generally agreed

unwilling = not ready, eager, or prepared to do something

a sizable percentage = a fairly large percentage

significant variations = major differences

sought the opinions of (seek the opinions of) = asked the opinions of

Note how you can use 'those' instead of writing 'some people' or 'the people' e.g. Those questioned... Roughly forty percent of those polled...