One of the most...

Grammar for IELTS

We use SUPERLATIVE forms to compare three or more people or things. Examples include ‘the biggest’, ‘the most incredible’ and ‘the best’. We can make SUPERLATIVES more complex when we refer to the group of things or people which are ‘the biggest’, ‘the most incredible’ and ‘the best’. This can impress the IELTS examiner.


  • That was one of the most amazing meals I have ever had.

  • Cairo is one of the most populous cities in Africa.

  • Practically/Nearly all of the richest sports-stars earn as much through advertising and endorsing products as they do in prize-money.

  • Most of the world’s biggest cities are heavily congested for lengthy periods during the day.

  • Many of the most popular teachers are actually quite strict with their pupils.

  • Some of the world’s largest companies have re-located their headquarters to countries with lower levels of corporation tax.

  • Several of the world’s richest entrepreneurs are actually only in their early twenties.

  • Only a small proportion of the brightest children are offered places at top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.

  • None of the most important oil-exporting nations can afford to continue basing their economy entirely on petroleum.

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