IELTS Writing Task 1 (Academic) - Model Answer

The tables below give information about people's opinions of living in the city.

The two pieces of information under discussion refer to two separate questionnaires that were conducted thirty years apart, in which city dwellers were asked their views regarding residing in the city.

Education was the aspect of city living that was rated most highly in the initial survey, whereas thirty years later this had been overtaken by the living environment. Despite this drop into second place, it still scored highly, and interestingly, although its percentage had gone down, the percentage of those rating it as bad remained the same. The 8% had switched from good to the neither good nor bad category.

Public transport was ranked the worst element in 1980, and, similarly, in 2010, interviewees still considered it the worst factor of living in the city and it had even gone up by 5%. This was largely because just over a half of those surveyed in 1980 considered it good, whereas it had dropped to just over a third thirty years later.

It is also worth mentioning that the category which experienced most change in opinion over this period was employment prospects. This was viewed 22% more favourably than it had been at the start of the period under discussion.


city dwellers = people who live in a city

initial = first

interviewees = people who were interviewed

largely = mainly

to view something more favourably = to consider something more attractive

Note how the writer has tried to compare and contrast the data rather than writing about one table and then the other. These words are useful for this: whereas; while; similarly; likewise