IELTS Speaking Part 1

In IELTS Speaking Part 1, there is a good chance you will have to talk about the place where you live. This is a great opportunity to use some complex language. It probably isn’t a good idea to memorise one of these answers word for word, but they each contain some excellent vocabulary for dealing with this question.

Where do you live?

a) I live on a busy street in the middle of town. There’s traffic noise twenty-four hours a day so it’s next to impossible to get a good night’s sleep.

b) I live in one of those fancy new apartment blocks near the river. There are spectacular views over the city but the rent is horrendously high.

c) I live in a cramped little flat a stone’s throw from the university. It’ll do for now but I’m definitely moving out as soon as I can afford to.

d) We live in a quaint little cottage miles away from anywhere. It’s great apart from the leaky roof.

e) I live in a secluded leafy avenue in the suburbs. It’s quite posh and some of my friends are a bit envious when they come round.

f) I live in a dreadful run-down part of town but our flat is actually really cosy and I wouldn’t move for the world.

g) I live in a swanky apartment in the business district of town. It’s ideally located. I practically roll out of bed and straight into amazing restaurants, nightclubs and shops.

h) I live on the twenty-ninth floor of a high-rise block of flats. I hate it because of the vandalism and the fact that the lift is always out of order.

i) Actually, we’ve just moved from a tiny little bedsit into a ground-floor flat in a tranquil residential area. It’s going to be great for the kids.

j) Unfortunately, I’ve had to ‘return to the nest’ as they say. I just couldn’t afford my rent anymore so had to ask my mum if I could move back in with her.


Fancy = expensive and fashionable

Spectacular = amazing; wonderful

Horrendously = extremely (in a negative way)

Cramped = not having enough space

A stone’s throw (away) from = extremely close to

Quaint = attractive because of being unusual, different or old-fashioned

Leaky = with holes in it so that water can get through when it should not

Secluded = quiet; hidden away; peaceful

Leafy = containing lots of trees with leaves

Suburbs = areas on the edge of cities where people who work in the city often live

Posh = expensive; of high quality

Dreadful = horrible; of poor quality

Run-down = old; in very bad condition; not looked after

Cosy = small and comfortable

Swanky = expensive and fashionable (in a way which it is hoped people will admire)

Vandalism = the crime of destroying public property or property belonging to other people

Out of order = broken; not working (used for machines and mechanical equipment)

A bedsit = a very small flat including one main room which is both a bedroom and a sitting-room or living-room

Tranquil = quiet; peaceful

To return to the nest = to go back to live with your parents or family members (To fly the nest = to leave the family home and live independently for the first time)