Describing People - Complex Language

In the IELTS Speaking exam, you often need to talk about yourself or other people. Here are some useful words/phrases to do this...

IELTS Speaking - Using complex language - describing people

a glass half full person is a person who is an optimist (noun) and always looks at things in a positive way.

a glass half empty person is someone who is a pessimist (noun) and looks at things in a negative way.

Are you optimistic (adjective) or are you pessimistic (adjective)?

These are really useful expressions to talk about people and there are lots of IELTS Speaking topics that ask you to describe a person.

For example:

Describe a businessperson that you admire Describe someone who is a good parent Describe an interesting person from another country you know or have heard of Describe a person you know who knows a lot about something Describe a historical person that you are interested in Describe a helpful person in work or study Describe a couple you know who have a happy marriage Describe a person who solved a problem in a clever way Describe an interesting neighbour

In all of these topics, you would be able to use the expressions above so learn them and practise using them!