Advantages and Disadvantages

In IELTS Writing Task 2 it is often necessary to write about ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES. Here are some alternative words and phrases you can use to introduce and describe ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES.


• There are obvious benefits to building a network of cycle paths. • Running classes to educate and rehabilitate prisoners would clearly be beneficial. • There are several reasons why banning cars from city-centres would make sense. • It might be wise to ban the use of alcohol altogether. • Under certain circumstances, preventing members of the public from flying could be the right thing to do. • A case can certainly be made for offering free universal healthcare. • It is worth pointing out that there are convincing arguments in support of making smoking illegal in public places.


• Teaching pupils in larger classes has various drawbacks. • Perhaps surprisingly, giving financial aid to poorer countries has a number of downsides. • There are some significant reasons why giving sixteen-year-olds the vote would be problematic. • Allowing children uncensored access to the internet might be a bad idea. • Offering students a financial incentive to study subjects like mathematics and engineering at university may be the wrong thing to do. • Obliging citizens to pay every time they wanted to see a doctor could have negative outcomes/ repercussions/ consequences/ ramifications.Several strong arguments against immigration controls have been put forward.


• Allowing children to wear whatever they want at school can be both positive and negative. • The consequences/ implications of using technology in the classroom can be both positive and negative. • It seems that the benefits of reducing the speed limit on motorways significantly outweigh the drawbacks.

Be careful with the following phrases. They are slightly informal and should only be included if you have used all other alternatives:

• Clearly, there are both pros and cons associated with working from home. • The pluses and minuses of this issue need to be considered carefully.